Searching for direction….

Recently when thinking about this blog I have felt sort of paralyzed by over-abundance. There are sooo many things that I want to try and want to share that I have found it really difficult to pick a place to start. I feel like I am scattered all over the place and need to find a way to focus that energy into something more productive.

One thing I have decided is that I want to do the America’s Test Kitchen on-line cooking school. I have gotten more confident in the kitchen and really broadened my tastes and abilities, but I feel like it would be really beneficial and fun to have the chance to take some classes to help build up my techniques Moe. I want to be able to design my own recipes but right now I feel like I need a better understanding of different cooking methods and how they work with various ingredients before I would be ready for that. And not only do I love and adore America’s Test Kitchen, but I love that it is on-line and would allow me to do it at my own pace. And it would help give me focus for how to move forward in the kitchen rather than being stuck feeling like I am just flailing around.

So while I am figuring out how to do that, I will still plan to keep posting and sharing some amazing recipes that I have come across recently. But I am also really excited about how I am planning to move forward in the future and feel more directed than I have before. And of course, I am excited to be able to share that journey on here.


New Start for a New Year

Because of the varied and frustrating technical difficulties involved in using blogspot on a a tablet, I am moving the whole thing over to WordPress. I am hoping this will be a better experience. At some point I hope to move over all the old blogs, but in the meantime, here is the link to the original.

When I moved over I decided to change the name. The old name was too limiting. While my journey of expanding my food horizons and leaving behind the pattern of “picky eating” is still a big part of this blog, it is about more than that too. It is about changing the way I view cooking and seeing as a creative outlet rather than as a chore. It is about changing the way I view meals and seeing them as an experience rather than just a necessity. It is about changing the way I view food in general and about seeing the value and the possibilities in “real” food rather than just seeing the convenience of pre-packaged food. And about changing the way I see healthy eating and seeing it as a process and a joy rather than just as “dieting”. So when I moved the blog over here, I wanted to take the opportunity to pick a name that better reflects the intent of the blog. So, Palate (R)evolution it is!! Also, I really love using parantheses…

And I have the perfect recipe to share for my first new blog! I think of it as my Christmas recipe. Not because it was what I made for Christmas (I made Coq Au Vin for Christmas but that will have to wait for its own blog), but rather because this particular recipe came to me by way of a Christmas present. I had been talking to my brother about food and had mentioned that we were really trying to eat more vegetables (especially vegetables that we weren’t that familiar with) and that I was loving making soups right now. He mentioned that he had a soup recipe that he would pass on. After a week or so, my email was still empty so I assumed that in the holiday rush, he had forgotten and I planned to remind him later. Then Christmas day arrived! And I opened his present to me. (Side note: I have no patience when it comes to opening presents so his present was actually one of the only two present that survived to be opened on Christmas and that was mostly because it didn’t arrive until Christmas Eve.) The present was an awesome collection of various spices and ingredients that he thought we likely wouldn’t have much access to since we live in a small rural town. And it also had some Spanish Chorizo and a soup recipe. (Also a cookbook, but more on that at another time.) A few days later, the weather finally turned to typical Oregon winter weather (read: cold and constantly raining) and I thought it would be the perfect time to make this recipe. So here we go! (Try not to judge the pictures too harshly. I am still working out how to use the photo software on the new tablet.)



2 oz Spanish Chorizo, finely chopped

1 cup chopped onions

3 garlic cloves, minced

3 cups low sodium chicken broth

2 (15 oz) cans cannellini beans, rinsed and drained

4 cups chopped kale

1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

Salt and pepper to taste

–This is a very quick recipe so you really want to make sure to get all the prep work done ahead of time. It would really suck to get started and then realize you have 1 minute to get the onions and garlic prepped. Also, make sure to soak the kale I cold water before you chop it to ensure that it is clean. You don’t want all this to end up in your soup:


–First, heat a large saucepan over med-high heat. I used my Lodge enameled dutch oven. It was actually the husband’s birthday present, but I consider it my present and he considers all the yummy stuff that comes out it his present. Once it is hot, toss in the chorizo. It only needs to satuee for 1 minute, so try really hard to not get distracted by the amazing smell.


–Next, you are going to add in the onions and garlic. Cook those until the onions get tender. This should take about 5 minutes. While those are cooking, you want to heat up the chicken broth so it is already warm when you add it in. It takes about 3 minutes in the microwave. Once the onions are tender, add the broth and beans to the pot and bring it to a boil. Once it is boiling, you are going to add the kale.


Don’t be intimidated by how much kale it is. It cooks down to a manageable amount. Add the pepper in with the kale and cook it for 6 minutes. Taste and season as needed before serving.


There it is!! So delicious. And so fast! It is a nice and hearty soup that isn’t overly heavy. The flavors meld together well but also retain enough individuality that you can taste the individual ingredients as well. And the kale was tender but kept a nice crunch which was good because mushy vegetables are one of my pet peeves. And the chorizo! Oh, lord the chorizo. The only problem with the chorizo is that now I can’t decide whether to use the rest of it to make this soup again or if I should try to recreate my favorite tapas (chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates). Decisions, decisions….

Try it out! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. And a huge thank you to my brother and his wife. I can’t wait to work my way through the rest of my present. And I’ll be sure to update the blog when I do!